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napoleonic wars
The purpose of this community is to collect links to webpages and have them in a central location for Age of Sail fandoms to use. The community covers the Napoleonic Wars, Regency and Georgian links.

As links are added they will be stored in the memories of this community, and tagged. Please check out the memories and see if there are webpages that you can use for your research.

For posting links please use the following guide:

Header: Include a brief description of what the link is about.

In the post: A brief description of the content of the page.

Posting links: This community is for collecting links only.

Questions: little_details and and the age of sail version kiss_me_hardy are the two best places to ask questions. This comm is only for links to webpages.

Tags: Please tag your post. If there isn't a tag for the the topic let the maintainer know and one will be added.

Don't spam or pimp other communities on this comm. If you do then you'll be banned.