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hafren in aos_resources

HH query

Do any HH fans remember for sure: in The Examination for Lieutenant (aka The Fire Ships in the US), when Hornblower, Foster and Hammond sail off in their rowboat to intercept the fireship, is Captain Harvey with them in the boat or not? I'm writing a fic in which I think he has to be my POV character and if he wasn't in that boat I have to reconsider. I've tried looking at the ep screencaps on the Two Evil Monks site but it doesn't show for sure. (And does anyone know if his soubriquet "of the Dockyard" indicates that he was shore-based and stationed at Gib?)


I just rewatched the scene (such a hardship!) and Harvey does get into the boat with Foster and Hammond. *g*
Oh that's brill! Thanks ever so. I have probs rewatching because I can't work the damn dvd machine - I had just got my head around vids...
Hi (and that's some interesting spam you've collected there, too - ha ha, don't think I'd want a research paper written by people who write like that!)
Anyway, I've done some back-reading and it seems to me that Harvey would have been land-based if he were attached to the Dockyard, but that it would not have been at all uncommon for him to go to sea, invited, as it were, by a friend or colleague, and stay out for a few days.

Hope this helps.
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June 2008

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